Palatina Zeitreisen Heidelberg

Costumed guided tours in Heidelberg

StichpunktAll you need is Love!
During a tour through the Old Town, a lively Heidelberg wench is willing to share her secrets with you as she chats candidly about bonds of bliss and heartaches of the Prince Electors and their subjects. She tells you who attended fancy ladies and where students sang sentimental rhymes to their sweethearts. Poems, stories and historical love-recipes trace an arc from the Middle Ages into the nineteenth century. Step back in time to learn, laugh and experience Heidelberg’s history in a truly unique fashion.
(Supplementary performance e.g. »Herbal Woman« and »Minstrel«)

StichpunktHaunted Heidelberg
‘Only a few inches separate the living from the de‘Only a few inches separate the living from the dead.’ And nowhere is that more true than in the Old Town of Heidelberg. This city has more than its fair share of murderers, ghosts, haunted locations and downright scare-you-senseless stories. Dramatic episodes and extraordinary apparitions from the past are revealed, including hair-raising ghost stories over 300 years old. Explore the spooky city after which you’ll be glad that there are a number of nearby pubs in which to steady your shattered nerves with a stiff drink. Be afraid. Be very afraid. This tour is not for children!For adults only.
(Supplementary performance e.g. »Police Inspector« and »Night Watchman«)

StichpunktMurder & Mystery Tour "At death’s door - Murder at the University?"
The tranquillity of Old Town Heidelberg is shattered by a tragic death! Our eerie historical crime tour takes you back to the turn of the century. Professors, students as well as young ladies seemed to be involved ... and you may learn the truth! Who is lying, who seems guilty but proves to be innocent? It's up to you to try and find the malicious murderer by looking for evidence and testimonies!
(2 supplementary performances included)

StichpunktMiddle Ages brought to Life
A spirited guide in historical costume transports you to the late Middle Ages. Listen to tales and lore of Old Heidelberg and learn interesting, little-known facts about its former inhabitants and their lives. What was life like up at the castle? And how did the townsfolk live? Step back in time to learn, laugh and experience Heidelberg’s history in a truly unique fashion. Suitable also for kids and teens.
(Supplementary performance e.g. »Minstrel« and »Wise / Herbal Woman«)

StichpunktMurder and Mayhem
Assault, theft, robbery, poisening … – the history of crime is a colourful one and punishments were just as manifold:
pillory, dunk cage, birching and many manners of execution. During this eventful tour the hangman's daughter will tell you about spectacular criminal cases and some not so noble robbers. The traditional methods of law enforcement and investigation will amaze you. For adults only.
(Supplementary performance e.g. »Police Inspector« and »Night Watchman«)

StichpunktStroll with a Heidelberg Townswoman
In olden days the nobility at court dined opulently and regally; the townpeople had to live from hand to mouth, spooning up their communal meal from a common pot. The comely townswoman chats about everyday excitements in the Old Town, but also about everything the great lords and ladies at the Castle were up to - including the latest spicey court gossip. An inside view of life behind the scenes!
(Supplementary performance e.g.»Mark Twain« and »Charles de Graimberg«)

No matter which tour you choose, you will never forget the tales of Heidelberg and the Palatinate of bygone times. Similar guided tours are offered for Schwetzingen, Weinheim, Speyer and Mannheim.

All tours can be combined with additional performances and are also available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Finnish and Russian.


Past times are being brought to life by historical characters such as Queen Elizabeth Stuart, Count Charles de Graimberg, savior of Castle Heidelberg, or Duchess Stefanie de Beauharnais as you listen to their tales. With a little imagination and some great skill at telling the stories, you are transported to another age as they talk about their lives. Look behind the scenes when a talkative court lady, a garrulous maid or experienced investigator share their secrets. A herbal woman gives advice on how to awaken and preserve desire and affection and a night watchman has gruesome tales to tell. They all would enjoy to enliven your event as a surprise guest. We gladly provide advice.

StichpunktChit-Chat is served
Think what it would be like to enjoy your coffee and cake or your drink whilst being regaled with exciting tales of amorous adventures, riotous students and upright citizens.Two townswomen in period costume keep you company serving gossip, trivia and anecdotes from the past. Please chose your venue.

Let yourself be filled in about the love affairs of princes and dukes and courtly pleasures like hunts, banquets and intrigues by two ladies-in-waiting. Please chose your venue.

StichpunktPast Delights
Learn about culinary delights, decorations and table manners of the past while enjoying your meal. We can arrange for authentic musical entertainment and historical dance to perfect your festivity. Please chose your venue.

StichpunktWalking Acts
Would you like your event to be enlivened by historical characters? Past times come to life when colourful costumed characters promenade amongst your guests. When approached they will be happy to give interesting information about themselves and their period.

Coloured Etching of Heidelberg Castle and photos of our costumed guides costumed guided tour Heidelberg Kostümführung Stadtführung Heidelberg